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We welcome excellent and enthusiastic researches with different backgrounds from all over the world to join us. The group hosts researchers with a wide range of disciplines from biologists, physicians and surgeons to chemists, mathematicians, engineers and specially materials scientists who are looking for an interdisciplinary adventure!

Masoud Mozafari

Assistant Professor
Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Department
Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC)

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cellular and Molecular Research Center
Department of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
Faculty of Advanced Technologies in Medicine
Iran University of Medical Sciences
P.O. Box 14155-4777
Tel : (+98-912) 6490679
Fax: (+98-263) 6280033 (Ext. 477)

Administrative Assistant

Maryam Rahmati
Tel : (+98-930) 8102356